G0014 : File not found with #include

Dear Sir or Madam, I am trying to implement the GAUSS code of Bai, Kao and Ng (2009).

The problem is that when I am to run the example, I have got an error message indicating that the file kernels.src and base.src are not included in the “examples folder”.

#include kernels.src
#include base.src
G0014 : File not found ‘C:\gauss14\examples\base.src’ [bkn.g, line 37]

How I can solve this problem

Yours faithfully,

Wasif Zafar

Beijing Institute of Technology

1 Answer


You can think of the GAUSS #include command as copy-and-pasting another file into your current program file.

The #include command will look for the file in your current working directory and your GAUSS search paths. The search paths can be controlled by the user, but by default will be:

// Using Windows paths

The error message

G0014 : File not found ‘C:\gauss14\examples\base.src’ [bkn.g, line 37]

is simply reporting the last place that it looked, which was the 'examples' folder.

You can resolve this problem by setting your GAUSS working directory to the location in files base.src and kernels.src are located. I would also recommend that you open this folder in the GAUSS Project Folders window which is illustrated in this tutorial.

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