further Q to: the file could not be complied.

Thanks. I tried your way, but still cannot identify the problem. The Error Output window comes back with two error messages:

C:\gauss13\src\mathfn.src(383):error G0157: ‘beta’: illegal redefinition of matrix

C:\gauss13\src\mathfn.src(383):error G0008:’proc beta(x,y)’: syntax error

I multiple checked the definition of beta, but could not find any sign of redefinition of matrix.

Thank you.



1 Answer


This is most likely because your program has a variable named beta and GAUSS has a procedure in the Run-time library named beta. GAUSS compiles your code before the Run-time library code. So GAUSS first sees your matrix named beta and then later in the compile phase sees the beta procedure from mathfns.src.

Your options are to change the name of your matrix or to comment out the beta function in mathfns.src. Here is another post that discusses this.

If you have a large project, you can very quickly and easily find and replace these instances of beta across multiple files in multiple directories using the GAUSS Source Browser.

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