Formatting Y and X tic labels (not a time series plot)

I cannot find anyway to change the font and font size of the labels for X-tics and Y-tics. There are commands for setting the font and font size of the X and Y labels, but not for their tic labels. The only formatting available is for choosing the time format in a time series plot. My problem is not a time series problem and when I export the plot, and import it into my document, the tic labels are so small that they are useless. I appreciate any help.

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You can use the function plotSetTicLabelFont. It takes 2 or 3 inputs. The first two required inputs are a pointer to a plotControl structure and the name of the font. The final input is the font size in points.

//Set axes tick labels to be 14 point 'times new roman'
plotSetTicLabelFont(&myPlot, "times new roman", 14);


Thank you. Is this anywhere in the Graphics User Manual or the online help? I just want to know where to find all information about Gauss graphs.


Plot attribute setting functions

If you are looking for functions to modify plot attributes, I would probably look at Help > Overview > Command Reference > P. All the functions start with plotSet and their names are fairly descriptive. Double-click a function name to view the full documentation.

GAUSS Command Reference

or you can see a list of all plotting functions at Help > Overview > Commands by Category > Graphics.

General usage

For more general graphics usage questions, you can look at:

  1. Help > Overview > GAUSS Graphics.

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