FMT file viewer?


Does a file viewer for fmt files exist? I have not been able to locate one, so I guess not, but it would be extremely nice to have.


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Do you mean a stand alone application that can load .fmt files? In GAUSS, it is pretty easy to load the file and then view the data on the GAUSS Data Page, or even open it in a floating symbol editor window with the CTRL+E hotkey.


What I need is to be able to double-click a fmt file in explorer or total commander and then see the content. It could be a part of Gauss that did the job. In SAS it is possible to see the contents of a SAS dataset just by clicking on it in explorer.


The latest maintenance release, GAUSS 16.0.4 (which is now available for download) will open a GAUSS .dat, .fmt in the GAUSS data import wizard if you double-click on it in Explorer or Finder.


That sounds really great. We are on version 16.0.3, so the IT-department has to do an upgrade. However, I just run GAUSS from the server where it was installed, so I guess there is no chance it will Work on my computer.


If your IT department has installed the latest version to support opening these files (16.0.4) then you should be able to right-click fmt/fst/dat files on your local computer and select "Open With" and then select the GAUSS executable from the network share. This should register the file association locally to your own computer and allow the functionality you are looking for.

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