Floating Network License - Error Code 491


i have a 2 user floating network license for GAUSS 13 witch worked fine until a 3rd user was involved.

Do I understand that right that in my case it should be possible to install the program on several computers and everyone can use gauss unless there aren't more than 2 people working at a time?

I copied the server .lic file on the first 2 computers and they can use gauss but on every other computer i trie the same i get the Error 491 "License manager error".

Do I miss some of the logic or just some of the configuration?


1 Answer


Yes, with a floating network license you can install GAUSS an any number of computers inside your organization. Your only limitation is the number of computers running GAUSS at one time.

Some likely causes of this problem are:

  1. The new computer cannot resolve the hostname in the license file. If this is the case, you can replace the hostname with the computer's IP address.
  2. One of the two original machine's has a license checked out.
    You can check the web-browser Reprise license manager control panel to see if this is the case. From the license server machine, enter localhost:5054 to open the control panel, or from another computer on the network, enter \:5054

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