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Dear Sir or Madam, I am trying to implement the GAUSS code of Bai, Kao and Ng (2009) to my own research.

The code is available here :

The problem is that when I am to run the example, I have got an error message indicating that the file kernels.src and base.src are not included in the "examples folder".

#include kernels.src
#include base.src

G0014 : File not found 'C:\gauss14\examples\base.src' [bkn.g, line 37]

Is it due to an error of installation of my software ? And if it is not where I can find these two files ?

Yours faithfully,

Jamel Saadaoui

University of Strasbourg


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Hello Dr. Saadaoul,

The files kernels.src and base.src are not part of the standard GAUSS distribution. It does not appear that this is a problem with your installation. You may need to contact the authors to ask them for these files.


Thanks for the precision.

The author just said to me that the COINT 2.0 package (containing the two files I need) can be provided by Aptech.

Is correct ?


Yes, the COINT application module does contain the files kernels.src and base.src.

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