Feature request: GAUSS saves file only when there are changes

I am running GAUSS 16 under Windows 10.  Every time when I press F5 or Ctrl^R, GAUSS would run the program and SAVE the file, regardless if there are changes in the program or not.  But saving the file without changes sometimes confuses me (and the backup software) because it gives the appearance of changes in the program.  If I remember it correctly, GAUSS has behaved this way in the recent versions (but not this way years ago in older versions).  I wonder if GAUSS can change this behavior in the future release; in other words, if no change has been made to a program, GAUSS does not save the program (and update the date/time property of the program file) - just run the program; if there are changes in the program, save the program file and run it.  I believe that's how most programming GUIs behave (including Stata and LaTeX editors).  Thanks!

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Thank you for the input! We very much appreciate input from users. This will be forwarded to the development team to look at. In the mean time, you can change your preferences to not save files automatically on each run from Tools->Preferences->Command->Save on Run.


Perfect, thank you!  That was exactly what I was looking for.  My bad - didn't realize that the feature was already there.

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