Fail to export eps file


I'm using Gauss 18 and Mac OS, however everytime I run graphprt, it says "export failed for the file". My basic graph codes are following:

_plegctl= {2 5 7 1};
_pcolor = {4 0 2};

graphprt("-c=1 -cf=alpha.eps");
graphprt("-c=1 -cf=beta.eps");

Is there anything wrong I did? or my OS does not support for eps export?

Thank you in advance.

1 Answer


The PQG graphics have been deprecated for some time. I would recommend that you use the newer graphics. We would be happy to help you migrate your code. It will probably be easier than you think and certainly look much nicer as well.

However, on macOS you can export one of the old PQG graphs to an EPS file by selecting File > Export > Encapsulated Postscript from the graph viewer's main menu.

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