Extracting upper triangle without diaginal

Hi I have a rather simple question. Can anybody please tell me how can I extract the upper triangle portion of a matrix without its diagonal elements in a vector?

if a = { 1  2  3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9} is a matrix I want to extract 2,3,6 in this order, is there a quick way to do that without using loop?






2 Answers


I am not sure this is the absolute best method, but it is certainly better than a for loop:
One line solution

a_uv = packr(vech(diagrv(x, error(0))'));

Verbose 'proc' with explanation of steps

a = { 1 2 3,
      4 5 6,
      7 8 9 };

a_uv = upmatND(a);

proc (1) = upmatND(x);
    //replace diagonal with missing values
    //error(0) is equivalent to a missing
    x = diagrv(x, error(0));
    //Remove the lower triangle of
    //transposed matrix and return
    //as a vector
    x = vech(x');
    //Remove diagonal elements
    //which we set to missing values
    x = packr(x);

Thank you much, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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