Error with executable

I get this error when running my code:

Viewer executable could not be located at: /Users/babisadaba/gauss15/vwrmp

But I am not sure what it is.

Any help with it?

Thanks in advance.

4 Answers


You can download the Mac GAUSS TKF viewer here. Copy it to your GAUSSHOME/gauss15 directory which will be /Users/babisadaba/gauss15/. On some versions of MacOS, it can be difficult to find your home directory in the Mac Finder. Once you open the Finder, if you select the "Go" from the Finder's main application menu at the top of your screen, you will see a "Home" option. This will take you to Users/babisadaba. You will see gauss15 inside this folder. Once you copy the file that you downloaded to /Users/babisadaba/gauss15, unzip the file. This should resolve your error.


Thanks a lot for the answer.

So now I dont get the error message, the code runs smoothly but I dont visualize any graphs.

Im lost.





I think they may be popping up behind the main GAUSS window. When I run them, I see a new icon on the Mac Dock to the right of the GAUSS icon named 'vwrmp'. 'vwrmp' is the viewer for the deprecated PQG graphics.


Nop, I see nothing, I dont have any new icon or anything.

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