Error using MaxLik library

Hi I have been getting the following error while trying to estimate a model.


C:\gauss13\src\maxutil.src(3100) : error G0047 : Rows don't match
Currently active call: _max_grdfd [3100] C:\gauss13\src\maxutil.src
Stack trace:
_max_grdfd called from C:\gauss13\src\maxutil.src, line 2897
_max_rdd called from C:\gauss13\src\maxutil.src, line 2950
_max_deriv called from C:\gauss13\src\maxutil.src, line 1942
_max_sctu called from C:\gauss13\src\maxutil.src, line 882
_max called from C:\gauss13\src\maxlik.src, line 547
maxlik called from C:\Users\ane13003\Dropbox\ResearchCoursesOther_UCONN\Simulation\LatSegVN2Scaled.gss, line 241


But the thing is the error is occurring after my problem complete several runs, for example the error was displayed after the maxlik function completed more than 2000 iterations.

I would appreciate if someone could help me identify the problem.

Thanks and Regards



1 Answer


Most likely your likelihood function is returning an error code.  Add an 'isinfnanmiss' check of the return value like this:

proc (1) = myLikelihood(x, y);
   local my_return;
   my_return = ...;
   if isnanmiss(my_return);
      my_return = my_return; //put a breakpoint on this line

Then run your code under the debugger with a breakpoint inside the 'if' statement.

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