Error "undefined symbols" when trying tutorial "Loading variables from Excel into GAUSS"

I installed the tutorial zip file and set the directory correctly. But the command


resulted in an error message, undefined symbols 'xlsLoadVars'.

What is going wrong?

1 Answer


The error "undefined symbols : 'xlsLoadVars'" means that GAUSS cannot find the definition of the procedure definition for 'xlsLoadVars'. The instructions for this tutorial say to add this procedure to your "user library".

Reasons why GAUSS may not find this procedure

  1. The library is not loaded. One special property of the "user" library is that by default it is always loaded. If you created a library with a different name, but did not load it, then the procedure may not be found by GAUSS.
  2. The "user" library was created in a file other than your GAUSSHOME/lib directory. There are advanced options to specify an additional LIB_PATH, but in most cases all GAUSS library files must be in GAUSSHOME/lib (where GAUSSHOME is the directory to which GAUSS is installed C:\gauss13 or /Users/yourname/gauss13, etc).
  3. The source file that contains the procedure is not in a directory that is in your GAUSS SRC_PATH.

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