Error Output: Open /* */ comment G0562

I keep getting Error Output that reads: Open /* */ comment G0562.  How can I fix this error

I've checked the coding in the .gss and it does not appear that there are any open comments.  The Error Output refers the last line of this section of code as the location of the error:

@ ============================================ @

maxk = 10;

T1_end = .1;   T2_end = .9;

crit_t = 1.645;

n = 171;

load y[n,1] =alc.txt;

@ ==== DATA =====+++++======================= @


1 Answer


Check the line below:

@ ==== DATA =====+++++======================= @

to see if there is an open comment on that next line. If that does not illuminate the problem, I would either run the file in sections by highlighting a portion and clicking "run selected text" from the context menu, or I would replace the lines with @ comments and /* */ with // comments. You can highlight a section of code, right-click and select "Toggle block comment" to add or remove // comments from each line of the highlighted block. Using the block comment functionality makes these comments easy to use and since each // only comments out 1 line, they are much simpler to keep track of.

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