error message using "indices"


I'm trying to use GAUSS dat file and opened the data using "OPEN dataset = testout" dataset variable is 1 which means the data is open to my understanding. However, when I try to use "indices", I get an error message "Can't open file."

The exact code is:

{ pointer,_po } = indices(dataset,"caseid");

I created the data file myself and failed. So I also used someone else's code that was published by the author. But it did not work. Is there anything I can fix?

1 Answer


The first input to the indices function is a string data set name. For example, change your GAUSS working directory to the GAUSS examples directory and enter this:

{ var_names, idx } = indices("freqdata.dat", "PAY");

The above code will return the index of the PAY variable in the freqdata example dataset, which is 2.

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