Error message is "File not found lag.src"

Hello, although there is lag.src file within GAUSS src files, I have taken error message from Gauss following: G0014 File not found lag.src. The lag.src are listed in the file named C:\gauss20\src in my GAUSS home directory. Also I am trying to run code is in my working directory. Where I did do wrong? How can I solve this error?


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What is the line of code that causes this error?


I am trying to replicate code which is created by Mumtaz and Zanetti for own paper titled as The Impact of the Volatility of Monetary Policy Shocks.

The link is

Gauss did not give me any other message about line which causes error. The error message is just like as mentioned.



The only way I can find that you would get the error is if you tried to enter:

run lag.src;

and lag.src did not exist in your path.

  1. What do you get if you run this command?
  2. Which file from that code are you running when this happens?


Firstl I did not take any error message after I tried to run following command; run lag.src;

1) After I run


program input is lag.src

2) "estimategibbsFlogs.src" file gives to me the error message.

Note: There is not any other error message which I have encountered.


Hi again, I still get the same error message. I have no solution. Could anyone give to me any solution for this ?


I downloaded the code and was able to run the estimategibbsFlogs.src file without any problem in GAUSS.

I think there is some problem with your GAUSS installation or you have different versions of the files.

I would guess that there is a problem with your GAUSS installation. You can try running this code to see if it works:

X = { 1, 2, 3, 4 };
print lagn(X, 2);

If that does not succeed, then you should definitely reinstall GAUSS.


I tried this code to see if it works:

X = { 1, 2, 3, 4 };
print lagn(X, 2);

and it does. I use GAUSS 20 (64-bit). I installed again and again GAUSS. However, same problem still continues. Now I think problem may be in computer. I do not know. It is getting hard to me.


If that code works then it is probably either a problem with the code you have downloaded or how you are trying to run it.

You should take a look at the Gettting Started with GAUSS tutorial and some of the videos on the GAUSS YouTube channel that show how to run programs.

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