error in Maximum likelihood procedure

I am using Gauss6.0

I got an error while running maxlik procedure... the error is as following

maxlik: Symbol defined in more than one active library.

maxset: Symbol defined in more than one active library.
C:\gauss6.0\maxlik.src(602) : error G0025 : '_max_Alpha' : Undefined symbol
C:\gauss6.0\maxlik.src(622) : error G0155 : Nested procedure definition

1 Answer


It sounds like your Maxlik installation has a problem. I would make sure you have the official Maxlik package and then re-install it and see if you can run one of the Maxlik example files (they will be in your C:\gauss6.0\examples directory.

If you cannot run one of the example files successfully, and you get the same errors, I would restart GAUSS, to make sure all library references have been cleared from memory and try to run the Maxlik examples again.

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