Error G0276: Illegal use of reserved word

I keep getting the following error when I try to run a program:

error G0276 : 'rows' : Illegal use of reserved word

I have looked over it and cannot see anything wrong with how i used "rows".  I copied and pasted from a program that worked!

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Without more details it is hard to give specific help. If you post the code, we can point out the problem. However, here are some tips to help you find the error.

Compile-time errors
This is a compile-time error. That means that this error is being found while GAUSS turns the text on page into a program that the computer can run.

These compile-time errors can often be missing or extra parentheses, quotes, semi-colons, etc. These extra or missing operators can turn two or more statements into one larger illegal compound statement. This can sometimes lead to errors that are less straightforward.

Locating a compile-time errror
Try highlighting the chunks of text starting from the beginning of your program and running them individually (with either the F4 hot-key or right-clicking and selecting "run selected text" from the context menu). This should help you narrow down the line that is causing the problem and allow you to fix it.

If this does not lead to a quick resolution, post the code and we can help you out.

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