error G0094 : Argument out of range

when i run the program, error returns as follows:

------\src\cmlmt.src(1655) : error G0094 : Argument out of range
------Currently active call: cmlmt [1655] d:\download\aptech gauss\gauss10\src\cmlmt.src
------Stack trace:
------cmlmt called from D:\gauss10\[email protected]\msckls, line 45

line1655 of cmlmt.src is:

------dv = cdftci(0.5*c1.Alpha,out1.NumObs-pvLength(out1.par)).*se;

line 45 of my program "msckls" is:

------call cmlmtprt(cmlmt(&mscklslnl,p0,d0,c0));

i dont know how to modify my program, and thanks for your precious advise

1 Answer


@Aptech. please. it really bothers me, and i need your help.

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