error g0014 : File not found

how to solve error like this?

G0014 : File not found 'C:\gausslt14\examples\procs' [Maxseek.txt line 217]

1 Answer


I am guessing that line 217 of the file Maxseek.txt contains this code:

#include procs;

If so, then the problem is that GAUSS cannot find the file named procs. GAUSS will first search in your GAUSS current working directory. Your current working directory is displayed towards the top and center of the GAUSS user interface. If GAUSS cannot find the file in the current working directory, then it will look in the directories which are in your SRC_PATH.

The contents of your SRC_PATH are listed in the file named gauss.cfg in your GAUSS home directory. If you enter the command:


from the GAUSS command prompt, it will display the source path.

To solve your problem, you should probably place the file procs in the same directory as the file Maxseek.txt. If you have any trouble, let us know.

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