eror on procs.prg

I have a questions about eror in line 214 (#include procs.prg), I want to make a MS Garch. thanks for help 🙂

@ This section calls main programs @

hp = pattern1;
#include procs.prg;
x = startval;

@ The following lines are for convenience of analysis and should be removed
for final calculations
izz = 2;
kc = 2;
ks = 2; @

call echoo(x);
"";"Initial values:";; x';
"Initial value for negative log likelihood:";; ofn(x);

"";"Do you wish to continue (y or n)?";;
zzs = cons;
if zzs .$== "n";


1 Answer


The #include statement is very similar to copying and pasting another file into your current file at the location of the #include statement. The most likely reason you would get an error on a #include line is that GAUSS cannot find the file that you are trying to include. In that case you should get the error: File not found G0014. Is that the error you are getting? If not what error are you seeing?

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