efrcode(244) : error G0152 : Variable not initialized

error G0152 : Variable not initialized
Below is the code around the line of the error.
It is as downloaded from the publisher's website 'Journal of Applied Economics',
I have not changed the code.

/* Reading the data */
? "reading";
if leer eq 1;
elseif datatype eq 2;
load d[] = "ECBData.csv";
elseif datatype eq 3;
load d[] = "ECBData_commonfactor.csv";
elseif datatype eq 4;
load d[] = "ECBData_crises.csv";

ECBData = reshape(d,rows(d)/42,42);

v = { boolean, year, month, day,
ir3mea, ir10yea, ir3mus, ir10yus, eusea, pus, pea3,
agdpuu, consconfuu, cpiuu, fgdpuu, housestuu, indproduu, napmuu, nonfpayruu,
pgdpuu, ppiuu, retsaleuu, tbguu, unempruu, workweekuu,
s3cpimgu, gdpwqgu, gdppgqgu, ifobcgu, ipmgu, ipwmgu, mordmgu, ppimgu, ppiwmgu,
retmgu, tradebgu, unwcgu, sp1m3ygu, sp1uncgu, sp2m3ygu, oilprice, nber

ECBData = miss(ECBData,nulo);
? rows(ECBData);
? ECBData[rows(ECBData),.];

Please help.

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