draw two histograms together using hist() ?

Is there something like plotAddHist() for hist()?


I guess plotHist with plotAddHist() will let me draw two histograms together. However with plotHist(), I cannot use fonts such as simgrma and also I find it hard to control the axis compared hist() command. Also saving in .eps file seems easier with hist(). I am having hard time figuring out how to draw two histograms together with hist() command.

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Let's first look at the problem's you are having with plotHist.

  1. Controlling the axis: Here is a link to a procedure that you can use to control the height and width of the axis for histograms (or any 2-D plot type in GAUSS 12).
  2. As to fonts, GAUSS 12 will allow you to use ANY font installed on your machine. Your computer should have nearly 100 to choose from.
  3.  To export a graph drawn with the plotHist() command to EPS, you have two options:
    1. From the File Menu at the top of the graphics page, you can select: File->Export Graph and that will bring up a window to choose a name for the file, the image type you would like (EPS, PNG, TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc) and also allow you to scale the size of your stored image if you choose.
    2. Use the plotSave command, which will save your last drawn graph to the file type of your choosing like this:
    3. plotHist(a, b);
      grphSz = { 30, 18 };
      plotSave("mygraphfilename.eps", grphSz);
    4. 'grphSz' indicates the size in centimeters (width, height) you would like your graph to be saved as.


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