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I am quite new in writing codes in GAUSS. So, I was wondering if one could help me with the following question:

I have two matrices in which both of them are 1000*100 [1000 rows and 100 cols] called xfrepF and kenelestimateF. I would like to draw a density plot like a line but I am not able to do it. If I run the following code, I will get a barplot


The x-axis in my current plot is from 0 till 1 [because of the xfrepF of course], but I would like to have it from 0 till 0.15 in the final plot. Any comments or help?




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I have understood how this could work. We need to choose a density with the largest pick out-of 1000 sets each with 100 numbers. Thanks.



Thank you for your questions. I am happy to help but I need some clarification about your question.

GAUSS includes an empirical density plotting procedure, plotCDFEmpirical which allows you to plot the cumulative distribution function (cdf) of the empirical distribution. More information about plotCDFEmpirical can be found here.

For example, it can be used to generate a plot like this: Example plot generated from the plotCDFEmpirical function.

I am happy to provide more detail about how to use plotCDFEmpirical but I want to make sure I am correctly understanding your question. Is the plot from plotCDFEmpirical similar to what you would like to draw?


Thanks for the response, but it is not close. My current figure is this, which is like a histogram:


But, I want to fit a curve on it and the x-axis be cut at 0.12, similar to this one


Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

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