Data import, Gauss 14 Linux

Hi. there.

I am using Gauss 14 for Linux that is installed in my lap computer. Today, I realized that there is no icon for data import in the "file" menu and regular commands for data import at window environment is not working. For example,

file = "C:/Users/***/Desktop/auto.csv" ;
row_range = 2 ;
col_range = {2,5} ;
mat = csvReadM(file, row_range, col_range, ",");

these procedures did not work at all. I found that some errors occurred that csvReadM command is wrong or unfound. Is there anyone have an idea how to import csv or xlsx data set into GAUSS Linux?

Many thanks.

1 Answer


csvReadM and csvReadSA were introduced in GAUSS version 16. You can load XLSX data into GAUSS 14 (or any other fairly recent version) with the commands spreadSheetReadM, or spreadSheetReadSA.

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