Creating table for results

I would like to create a table with estimation results with headings and the numbers formatted uniformly. Is there any command(s) that do this?

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Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

The first option doesn't work because it requires Gauss 20. When I get Gauss 23 (which will hopefully occur asap), then I can give try.

Regarding the second, I added the library to Gauss, but the files don't appear in the Gauss library and it doesn't work. Perhaps I should copy the files one by one to the corresponding folders.


Did you install the table creator package using Tools > Install Application as mentioned on the Github README page, or did you just copy some files?


Yes, I did, but it didn't work. I can see that it copies the files to gauss18\pkgs, but when trying to run any of the example files, it gives an error message that it doesn't recognise the procedures.

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