Create a Gif or video with images


I am creating images coming out from an iterative process:







Is there any way to make a gif or video with the sequence of the images?

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GAUSS does not have any way to record the images, but you could certainly create the images in a loop with the desired time between them and record the changing graphs with some free or paid screen recording software.

x = seqa(0.1, 0.1, 30);

struct plotControl mp;
mp = plotGetDefaults("xy");

// Make sure Y-axis does not change during animation
plotSetYRange(&mp, -1.2, 1.2);

for i(1, 10, 1);
    plotXY(mp, x, cos(x+i./10));

    // Wait 0.5 seconds before drawing next image
    call sleep(0.5);

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