convert FMT file to xls or txt file

I have  matrix files that I would like to save as xls or txt files. Is there anyone who knows how to do?

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Let's say that you have some data in a file called my_variable.fmt and you want to save it if a file named my_xls_file.xls. You can accomplish that like this:

//load the matrix from the .fmt file
load my_variable;

//write it to an Excel file
xlsWrite(my_variable, "my_xls_file", "A1", 1, "");

More explanation of how to read and write Excel files in GAUSS can be found here.

To write the data to a .txt file you use the output function and the print function like this:

//load the matrix from the .fmt file
load my_variable;

//set output to print to 'my_txt_file.txt'
//(reset means if the file exists write over it)
output file=output.txt reset;

//print 'my_variable' sending output to
//the screen and 'my_txt_file.txt'
print my_variable;

//turn output to file off so no more
//print statements go to this file
output off;

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