convergence code 34 data could not be opened


I am running a constrained optimization program in Gauss 13, my command is

{sigma_uv,fout,gout,covr,cout}=cml( "data2",0,&lik_fcn,para0);

However, there is always an error saying 'data2 could not be opened'. Then I tried this

{sigma_uv,fout,gout,covr,cout}=cml( " ",0,&lik_fcn,para0);

following the guideline on page 7 of CML user guide. What is wrong with my code?






1 Answer


The first input to the cml procedure is the input data. This can be a GAUSS dataset file on disk or the name of a matrix in memory. In your first example:

{sigma_uv,fout,gout,covr,cout}=cml( "data2",0,&lik_fcn,para0);

you are telling GAUSS to open and use a dataset file named data2.dat. Since there is no path attached, GAUSS will look in your current working directory. If this file is located somewhere else, you will need to either add a path or change your GAUSS working directory to the location of the dataset.

{sigma_uv,fout,gout,covr,cout}=cml( "C:\\path\\to\\dataset\\data2",0,&lik_fcn,para0);

or change your GAUSS working directory using the working directory widget on the main toolbar or the chdir command.

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