Controlling angle and zoom in surface plot

After creating a surface plot using plotSurface, there are options next to the plot to change the angle and the zoom etc manually. How can I control angle and zoom in the underlying gauss program? I have searched in the plotSet* functions, but so far no luck.

1 Answer


You can modify the members of the plotControl struct directly to control this behavior from GAUSS code:

struct plotControl myPlot;

// Corresponds to 0-based index of dropdown items
// in the plot options. In this case, 
// 12 would be "Isometric Left", 
// 0 would be "Front Low", 
// 1 would be "Front", etc.
myPlot.surface.cameraAngle = 12;

// Percentage, range 0-100.
myPlot.surface.zoomLevel = 75;

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