comt(2) problem

Using comt(2) I find that the criterion function increases. No problem for co.

2 Answers


I've tried running your command files, but I get an unidentified symbol in both, bs_ap_calc.


Your selection for the line search in CO was STEPBT, which is default.  Your selection in COMT was BRENT, which failed at the fourth iteration, and I'll want to take a look at that.  However, when I change the line search in the COMT command file to STEPBT, which is default, the increase in the function didn't happen.

In fact, in COMT the function values are decreasing more rapidly than with CO:

CO                             COMT

1            7395.7035              7396.1277

2            7257.8567              7096.2463

3            6675.9662              6493.1715

4            3404.9902            2604.7402

5            3267.6303             2577.0540

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