column don't match

I found error at G0046 : column dont match [procs,line 1168]

File procs ,line 168, in ofn

File maxseek, line 228 in <main>

"Initial value for negative log likelihood:";;ofn(x);

Explain me , how fix it, thankyou 🙂

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What is the code that is on line 168? It appears that the problem is happening on that line.


In line 168 appears

Skif [it,.]=(fx'/fit);

What must i do sir? Thankyou 🙂


Most likely the variable Skif does not have it number of columns. You can verify this by either using the debugger or placing a print statement before the line that is causing the error.

Print option
The print statement is the simplest, but is less powerful than the debugger. Add the statements:

print "Skif has " rows(Skif) " rows";
print "it = " it;

This will print out the information you need to see if my speculation is correct and Skif has fewer columns than it at the time of the error.

Debugger option
This is the preferred option because, you can gather lots of information about what is going on in your program very quickly. To use the debugger:

  1. Click in the margin to the left of the line number on which the error is occurring to place a breakpoint.
  2. Start the debugger by selecting the drop-down arrow next to the ladybug icon on the GAUSS toolbar and then selecting the name of the file that you are running.
  3. You should now be in debug mode at the first line of your file. Click the "Debug run" button which is at the far left of the toolbar on the Debug Page. This will take you to the line on which you placed the breakpoint.
  4. Once you are at the line on which the error is occurring, hover your mouse over the variables on that line to get a tooltip that shows their size, or look in the "local variables window" on the right side of the Debug Page to see the size of the variables in question.

Sir, i've added the statement above : print "skif has" .......


But still error in G0036: operator missing [procs line 166]

Line 166 appears

Print "it = "it;


You need to place a space between the ending quotation mark and it. It should look like this:

print "it = " it;

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