CML error in gradient calculations

Dear All,

I have a probit estimator which involves a beta function, and during my simulations everything is running fine. But when I try to use actual data, I get at some point the following errormessage:

C:\gauss12\src\cmlutil.src(4693) : error G0046 : Columns don't match
Currently active call: _cml_hssp [4693] C:\gauss12\src\cmlutil.src
Stack trace:
_cml_hssp called from C:\gauss12\src\cmlutil.src, line 3459
_cml_rdd called from C:\gauss12\src\cmlutil.src, line 3544
_cml_deriv called from C:\gauss12\src\cmlutil.src, line 1415
_cml called from C:\gauss12\src\cml.src, line 620


Has somebody already stumbled across this error. by looking at the cmlutil file, I know it has something to do with the gradient, but I really ahve no clue what is happening there.

3 Answers


Are you estimating a single parameter?  There was a bug that occurred for single parameter models only.  If so, contact Aptech support for the latest version of CMLMT.


I'm estimating one slope coefficient plus an intercept. oes that count as a single parameter?


A two parameter model should work.  Maybe there's another bug.   It would be great if you could help us here.  Contact Support about how to do this.

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