Clipped Titles in PlotXY()

I'm finding that long plot Titles are truncated. Is there a maximum length that is not documented?

Here's a simple example (based on plotxy.e) that reproduces the problem.

struct plotControl myPlot;
myPlot = plotGetDefaults( "xy" );

// Generate data
x = seqa(0,.06,250);
y = sin(x)^2 .* cos(x)^3 ./ (sin(x)+1);

// Set Main Graph Title
plotSetTitle( &myPlot, "I think I have a problem when I make my titles too long because it seems like GAUSS is clipping them for no particular reason." );

plotXY( myPlot, x, y );

I've tried including linebreaks (both \L and, in the <html> format, <br> ), but the truncation seems to occur after a fixed number of characters, independent of the position on the page.

Suggestions for a work-around would be welcomed.

4 Answers


The original plotXY implementation displayed 64 characters in the title text. The plotControl structure will hold strings of any length. The version under development now (15) has increased this length to 512 characters.


You can add a textbox to the graph by using the Graphics Editor in versions 13 and 14. This will allow longer text, but does not support HTML. You can use any UTF characters.

Special characters can be added by using the Windows Character Map:

or with the hot-keys listed here for Mac and Windows.


Thanks for the explanation. The problem is that I want to use a multi-line title, so the total length quickly hits the limit. (Did I overlook this limit in the documentation somewhere?)

I'm trying to incorporate the title string into procs, so the textbox workaround doesn't seem applicable. (Is there a PlotSetTextBox() or similar command that I'm overlooking?) Thanks for the suggestion, though.


Well...the not quite yet release version (15) that allows 512 characters for titles, labels etc. also has plotAddTextbox.

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