Changing output names within a loop


I have a loop on which I want to save different outputs for each loop value, I was trying the following syntax but it is not working, and I couldn't find in the Manuals an answer, how could I do it?

for W_Cons (1,6,1);
output file = "New_Code_80_FF_7_b_VFSS3_outerDIFF_GAMMA"$+ntos(W_Cons)".out" reset;




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To do this you need to:

  1. Create a string with the name of the file.
  2. Use this string and the caret operator (^) to specify the file name like this:
for W_Cons (1,6,1);
    fname = "New_Code_80_FF_7_b_VFSS3_outerDIFF_GAMMA"$+ntos(W_Cons)$+".out";
    output file = ^fname reset;


Thank you, it worked. c\Could you briefly explain to me why is that?


The filename parameter of the output keyword is specified to take "a literal or a ^string".


Most GAUSS functions take variables. For example,

// Create a string variable
s = "Hello there!";

// Print the contents of 's'
print s;

In this case, print acts on the contents of the variable s. It does not print the letter s.

With a literal, the text does not represent another value like a variable does.

// Send output to a file named my_results.txt
output file = my_results.txt reset;

In the example above, my_results.txt is not a variable that represents a different value. It is the literal file name we want to use.


Literals work just fine unless you need to change its value during the run of your program. So we need a way to tell GAUSS, this filename is a string, don't use its literal value. That is what the caret (^) operator does with a string.

// Create string variable
filename = "my_results.txt";

// Tell the output command that filename
// is a string variable, not a literal
output file = ^filename reset;

Other commands which use literal and ^string

  • chdir
  • create
  • msym
  • open
  • save
  • saveall
  • shell

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