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I have a question about the path change.

I am working on the path \gauss.

In the program, I save some variables to the \gauss\tba directory.

After terminating the program at some point, the default directory is changed to the \gauss\tba. Thus, for now, I close the Gauss and restart the program. Then, it runs in the default directory \gauss.

I want to start from \gauss. Is there any way to restore the default instead of closing the program?

Thank you,



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If I am understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you want to know how to change the GAUSS current working directory. You can do this in one of two ways:

1. At the top of the GAUSS user interface is the working directory toolbar button. You can either select one of the directories from the dropdown list or click the [...] button to browse to any directory on your computer.

2. You can also change the GAUSS current working directory with the chdir command. Here are some examples of its usage:

//Change to the C:\gauss14 directory
chdir C:\gauss14;

You can also use a string variable to change directories, but you need to use the caret operator (^) at the beginning of the string. This is so GAUSS knows that you want to use the name inside the string variable rather than changing to the literal name of the string. For example:

//Notice 2 backslashes for the path inside of a string
new_dir = "C:\\gauss14\\myproject";
chdir ^new_dir;

If you want to make a relative path change, you do not need to specify the full path. For example if you are in: C:\gauss and you want to change to C:\gauss\tba, you can enter:

chdir tba;

Now that you are in C:\gauss\tba and you want to change back to C:\gauss, you can use .. like this:

chdir ..;

Thank you very much for quick answer.

It works out.


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