Can I integrate the License Count on a Floating Network License?

We would like to preserve the ability to keep licensing Gauss 13 and add in the capability to license Gauss 14. Is there a way to have the license count be integrated for both versions so that the user count does not exceed X seats whether the user runs version 13 or 14?

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Yes, our license software can accomplish what you are asking.  To do this, the following would be done:

1.  Aptech would issue you a GAUSS 14 license for your Floating Network of X seats (assuming both GAUSS 13 and GAUSS 14 are installed on the same License Server).  This license willl work for both GAUSS 13 and 14.

2.  You would need to save this license file in the GAUSS installation directories of GAUSS 13 (c:\gauss13) and GAUSS 14 (c:\gauss14)

3.  You need to run the rlm.exe command from the GAUSS 14 installation directory only once as described in Step 6 in our Floating Network Instructions at:


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