Argument too large

I have time domain data sets and I want to analyses Gauss code from article. In our data sets contain 225 data. Gauss code does not work after 102. data. Program gives following error message:

C:\Users\kullanici\Desktop\gaussdeneme\bit(169) : error G0035 : Argument too large
Currently active call: ilt_ssr [169] C:\Users\kullanici\Desktop\gaussdeneme\bit
Stack trace:
ilt_ssr called from C:\Users\kullanici\Desktop\gaussdeneme\bit, line 25

I can not find solution of G0035 error messages. What can cause this error messages? Can you help me to solve this problem ?



3 Answers


The error G0035: Argument too large most commonly occurs when trying to create an identity matrix that is larger than allowed. The standard version of GAUSS has no matrix size limitation, however, GAUSS Light limits the matrix size to 10,000 elements. It appears most likely based upon your message that your program is being run with GAUSS Light and is failing when it tries to create an identity matrix that is 102x102 which is larger than 10,000 elements. If I am correct as to the cause of the error, you will need the standard version of GAUSS to run this program.


thanks for help. but  I dont have standard version. Where can I find  this version or trial version of Gauss progra ?


You can find out about your options for obtaining the standard version of GAUSS from the Contact Us page. They can explain the different options available.

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