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Are there any other new functions in GAUSS14 that are not listed ?

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In addition to the new:

  1. Database connectivity.
  2. Smarter editor that highlights errors before your program is run.
  3. Autocomplete that displays icons to indicate the type of a symbol (variable, procedure, GAUSS intrinsic function, etc).
  4. Project folder view.
  5. Improved error reporting.
  6. Increased parallelization and decreased memory usage of sqpSolveMT.

these features are also in GAUSS 14:

  1. GAUSS datasets will now allow 32-character file names.
  2. Library tool graphically indicates if some files are not found in source path.
  3. New function ntos simply transform scalars, or matrices to a string or string array representation with optional specification of precision.
  4. GAUSS now supports Intel AVX2 registers which allow a single thread to perform an operation on 8 double precision floating point numbers at once, increasing speed of matrix operations on computers that support this instruction set.
  5. Debug page supports drag-and-drop of variables into the watch window.
  6. Plus bug fixes and many more minor enhancements.

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