About error G0156 : Illegal redefinition of procedure 'idx' [example1.prg.gss, line 12]

The GAUSS code below is giving me the error G0156: Illegal redefinition of procedure 'idx'.

How can I fix it?


// law of large numbers
nnn = 10;
xxx = rndn(nnn,1);
mmm = zeros(nnn,1)
idx = zeros(nnn,1);

iii = 1;
do until iii > nnn;
    idx[iii,1] = iii;
    mmm[iii,1] = meanc(xxx[1:iii,1]);
    iii = iii + 1;

print idx~mmm;

1 Answer


Short answer: the line assigning to mmm is missing the semi-colon at the end.

Explanation The problem is that the line:

mmm = zeros(nnn,1)

does not end with a semi-colon. Since GAUSS statements do not end until there is a semi-colon, the statement that was sent to GAUSS was:

mmm = zeros(nnn,1) idx = zeros(nnn,1);

That is not a legal GAUSS statement.

If you look at this code in the GAUSS editor, you see that it puts an error marker to the left of both lines which gives you a clue to look at the line that assigns to mmm as well.

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