3D to 2D Array

Hi all,

When accessing an element of a 3D array this way :

myMat = R1[1,.,.]

In order to get a 2D (x by y) array, Gauss resturns a 3D (1 by x by y) instead.

How can I get this (1 by x by y) array to a 2D (x by y) array (in order to make matrix calculation : myMat*scndMat ?

Thanks in advance

1 Answer


The matrix multiplication should still work, for example:

//create 2x4x3 array of random normal numbers
tmp = rndn(2*4*3, 1);
a = areshape(tmp, 2|4|3);

//create 3x4 random matrix
b = rndn(3,4);

//print results of matrix multiply
print b*a[1,.,.];

However, the result will be a 3-dimensional array that is 1x3x3. You can convert an array to a matrix with the GAUSS function arraytomat. For example, we could change the matrix multiply line to this:

a_mat = arraytomat(a[1,.,.]);

//print results of matrix multiply
print b*a_mat;

Or equivalently and more compactly:

//print results of matrix multiply
print b*arraytomat(a[1,.,.]);

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