Error G0014: File not found loading data

How can I load a text data file into the GAUSS? When I try, I receive the error:

(0) : error G0014 : ” : File not found”

1 Answer


Let's work through a simple example loading this text file named test_data. It contains 10 rows and 4 columns of random normal data.

If you try to load all 10 rows and 4 columns from the text file immediately after downloading, like this:

load x[10, 4] = test_data.txt;

you will receive the error: G0014 File not found. This is because, the file test_data.txt is likely in your 'Downloads' directory. GAUSS searches only certain places when trying to load data files.

By default GAUSS will always search your current working directory for files to load. So you could resolve the 'File not found' error by moving test_data.txt to your GAUSS current working directory or by changing your current working directory to the location of your data file. Use the 'Current Working Directory' widget at the top of the user interface to see your current working directory and also to change it if you desire.

Alternatively you can add a path to your load statement, like this:

load x[10, 4] = "C:\\MyPath\\Downloads\\test_data.txt";

In the line above, notice that the double backslash path separators which are necessary on Windows inside of quotation marks.

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