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Anchoring Vignettes and the Compound Hierarchical Ordered Probit (CHOPIT) Model

Self-assessments are a common survey tool but, they can be difficult to analyze due to bias arising from systematic variation in individual reporting styles, known as reporting heterogeneity. Anchoring vignette questions combined with the Compound Hierarchical Ordered Probit (CHOPIT) model, allows researchers to address this issue in survey data (King et al. 2004). This methodology is based on two key identifying assumptions:
  • Response consistency (RC)
  • Vignette equivalence (VE)
In today’s blog we look more closely the fundamental pieces of this modeling technique including the:
  • Typical data set up.
  • Hierarchical Ordered Probit Model (HOPIT).
  • Anchoring vignettes.
  • Likelihood and identifying assumptions used for estimation.
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