GAUSS 22.1.0 Maintenance Release Now Available


The latest GAUSS 22.1.0 update is available now and is free if you own GAUSS 22. This maintenance release is one of our most extensive with over 40 enhancements, new functions, new examples, and bug fixes.

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New Functions

  • plotSetFonts eliminates lines of code and makes it easy to set font family, size, and color for the entire plot, subsections of the plot, or combinations of plot features.
  • plotSetMissGap controls whether missing data creates a gap in line plots, making it easier to plot aggregated series and series across different time periods.
  • dfappend allows you to vertically stack data frames, while automatically merging all metadata and maintaining the properties of categorical and string variables.
  • plotSetActiveX and plotSetActiveY conveniently specify which axis settings apply to and makes it easy to customize all plot axes.
  • head and tail create previews of first or last rows of data.
  • New convenience function annotationSetLinePen simplifies customization of line width, color, and style of annotations and can be used in place of annotationSetLineStyle, annotationSetLineColor, and annotationSetLineThickness.
  • annotationSetTextAlign makes it easier to annotate specific plot observations by providing control of text alignment in textboxes.


  • New optional degrees-of-freedom adjustment for vcm and vcx provides one function for creating sample or population variance-covariance.
  • Expanded outerJoin can perform full outer joins which combine dataframes and include unmatched key observations from both tables.
  • Significant speed improvements to the indnv procedure, as well as a new optional argument to reduce computational overhead if data is presorted.
  • Improved automatic tick placements for dates in plotXY and plotTSHF.
  • The miss function with no inputs provides a convenient way to create a scalar missing value.
  • The column input to reshape is now optional and if a -1 is passed in for the row or column input, reshape will infer the other dimension.
  • Added support for specifying text interpreters separately across multiple axes to plotSetTextInterpreter.
  • plotaddtextboxcan now specify the location of the text box relative to its attachment point (i.e. top right, bottom left, etc).

New and Improved Examples

  • plotunemp.e illustrates plotting time series variables with added recession bars from a dataframe using plotXY with formula strings and plotAddVBar.
  • plot_customlayout_1.e shows how to place a histogram count of the data above the x-axis and across from the y-axis.
  • Updated example files to use new functionality:
    • plotadd1.e
    • plotaddci.e
    • plot_bootmean.e
    • plotadderrorbar2.e
    • plotar2.e
    • plotbar.e
    • plotbox_auto.e
    • and more.

See a complete list of updates in our full change log.

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