Support Plans

Premier Support / Platinum Premier Support & Maintenance

Premier Support/PS and Platinum Premier Support & Maintenance/PPSM are annually renewable Support Plans that provide you with important benefits including technical support, product maintenance, and substantial cost-saving features for your GAUSS System or the GAUSS Engine.

Technical Support

  • Unlimited priority technical support
  • Email, telephone and FAX access to Aptech's well-trained technical support team
  • Timely and convenient answers to your technical questions on GAUSS or GAUSS Engine and applicable in-house GAUSS applications

Product Comparison


Premier Support Best Value!
Platinum Premier Support & Maintenance
Technical Support X X
Product Revisions and Bug Fixes: For products with the same version number (download only) X X
Online Account: User account on Aptech's website for downloading product revisions and patches. X X
Product Maintenance for GAUSS/GAUSS Engine: Includes FREE product upgrades (download Only) X
Product Maintenance for In-house GAUSS Applications: Includes FREE product upgrades for owned in-house GAUSS Applications* (download Only) X
Limited-time/Annual License: For off-site use (e.g., home, travelling, etc.) of applicable GAUSS or GAUSS Engine license 1 License 2 Licenses
Budget-friendly: 3-year-price guarantee X
Academic Users: Eligible for GAUSS in the Classroom Must be at the latest version of GAUSS to qualify Always eligible
10% Discount: New or updated purchases of in-house GAUSS Applications X
Limited-time Discounts: New Aptech products X X
Disaster Recovery Licenses: On applicable GAUSS or GAUSS Engine license (Floating Network Licenses only) X X
* Must be at the latest shipping version to be covered by PPSM.

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