Speed improvements

The Exponential function (exp)

Exponential function speed-up in GAUSS 19.

Higher is better. 200% faster means the computation takes 67% less time. Since speed improvements will vary based upon computer specifications, speed improvements are reported for two different computers, represented by the orange and blue bars.

The Natural Log function (ln)

Natural log speed increase in GAUSS 19.

General matrix inverse (inv)

Matrix inverse speed-ups in GAUSS 19.

Matrix vector multiply

Matrix vector multiply speed-ups in GAUSS 19.

Each matrix is transposed and multiplied by a vector with the same number of rows as the original matrix. For example, the 125x50 matrix is transposed and then multiplied by a 125x1 vector.

Matrix-matrix multiply of multi-dimensional arrays

Matrix multiplication of multi-dimensional arrays in GAUSS 19.

Each array is multiplied by another array in which the final two dimensions are switched. For example, each of the 5, 50x38 matrices in the 5x50x38 array are multiplied by the corresponding 38x50 matrices from a 5x38x50 array.

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