Graphics Updates

Bivariate Gaussian mixture

New Color Palette Options and Defaults

GAUSS 18 color palette management tools allow you to apply professional color schemes to your graphics:

  • Choose from over 30 built-in color palettes designed for optimal visual impacts.
    • Premade palettes available for sequential, quantitative and diverging data.
    • Colorblind friendly palettes available.

Two scatter plots and a box plot

  • Create your own palettes
    • Create sets of evenly spaced colors in HSL hue space.
    • Create sets of evenly spaced circular hues in the HSLuv system.
    • Blend colors to create custom color palettes.

Control graph canvas size programmatically.

Easily produce and reproduce graphs that fit where you need them! The new GAUSS procedure `plotCanvasSize` adjusts plot canvas size programmatically based on specifications in centimeters, millimeters, inches or pixels.

Polar plot

//Make this call before your plot to set the graph canvas
//to 750 px by 530 px as shown in the image above
plotCanvasSize("px", 750|530);

Other new features

string x_labels = { "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun" };
plotXY(x_labels, y);
  • Easily pass in string arrays as 'X' labels to any 2-D graph such as scatter, XY, and others.
  • Add any 2-D graph type, such as scatter plots, to contour plots.
  • New function plotSetTicLabelFont to control the font, font-size and font-color of the X and Y tic labels.

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