Windows 10 Upgrade causing License Manager Error

I installed the GAUSS about a year ago, received my license file, and have used GAUSS since then. I now have a problem in initializing GAUSS after I installed 'Windows 10'. When I click on the icon "GAUSS12", the following message appeared.

Is the problem related to my Windows 10 upgrade?

"GAUSS initialized Failed
Error Code: 491
License manager error"

I am not sure that this problem is related with 'window10'. Please let me know what I should do to solve this problem.

1 Answer


Apparently, the installation of Windows 10 changed the hostid number of your computer resulting in an invalid license file. We have had some customers experience this problem, but not all.

To solve this problem, we need you to regenerate the hostid number of your computer. Please do the following:

1. Click on this link: /support/installation/how-to-find-hostid-number/

2. Go to the section that says "Generate an Updated Hostid Number"

Alternative For GAUSS 15.1 or higher: Follow the instructions under the "License Manager Pop-Up" section.

3. Copy and paste the output into your request for an updated License file at: /support/license/

Note: To ensure the successful generation of a new valid license file, do NOT send a screen shot.

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