Undefined symbol: 'sbur _multiple_gls'

I'm using msbur.src (unit root test with multiple structural breaks from Carrion 2009) but always returns:

             G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'sbur _multiple_gls'

I call the code with:

sbur_multiple_gls(y, model, penalty, kmax, kmin, estimation);

After load matrix/vector/scalar to y, model, penalty, etc...

Do I have to load a library o something? Do I change the call code?

Thank you

1 Answer


I believe that you have two files, sample.gss and msbur.src. The second file, msbur.src, has the definition of the procedure sbur_multiple_gls. The first three lines of the sample.gss file, appear to be:

#include c:\msbur.src;

The third line, #include C:\msbur.src;, adds the definition of the procedure sbur_multiple.src. Make sure to include that line, but change it so that the path is correct for YOUR system. For example, if you saved the file msbur.src in the folder C:\gauss15\myproject, then your line 3 should look like this:

#include c:\gauss15\myproject\msbur.src;

or if you saved it in /Users/MyUserName/StructuralBreaks, then your line 3 would look like this:

#include /Users/MyUserName/StructuralBreaks/msbur.src;

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