Syntax error 'endp' [procs, line 205]

When I run the following code I got from Hamilton site, I get this error message:

Syntax error 'endp' [procs, line 205]

Can anyone help me with this error? I am using version 14 GAUSS.


Code address:

Estimation of Markov-switching ARCH models. Data and software for methods used in J. Econometrics, Sept./Oct. 1994


5 Answers


Check out the answer to this question here:


I checked it but it didn't resolve my problem.  There has been explained for the user to delete"SUB" character at the bottom of the PROCS file but my PROCS file doesn't contain "SUB" character.


Thank you I got the point. But it seems I should install optimum.


I fixed the point but now when I run the code I get this error:

File not found crisp.w 'crisp.w' [Maxseek, line 11]

What's the problem now?


I'm sorry I have some problem in running the code. I get this error this time:

G0037 : Result too large [Maxseek, line 79]

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