STRLEN in a dataframe?


I have a dataframe Olddata created with loadd() from a CSV file. The first three columns/variables are strings and the remaining columns are numerical values. I would like to organize my data according to the length of the string in the third column.

newdata = selif(olddata, strlen(olddatal[.,3]) .== 6) ;

The result this gives me, is the name of the variable in the first column, which makes no sense at all.

Even when I try


it just gives me a zero even though the length of string in [3,3] is actually 5.

However, it does work when I do this

newdata = selif(olddata, olddatal[.,3]) .== "01000") ;

It just seems that STRLEN is not really compitible with the strings in the dataframe. How else would I sort my data according to the length of the observations of a string variable?

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